Tacoma PS4 Physical Copy
Tacoma PS4 Physical Copy

Tacoma PS4 Physical Copy

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** PLEASE NO MORE THAN 2 PER CUSTOMER!  Orders with more than two per customer won't be completed! **

Here it is: Fullbright's second game, Tacoma, as a Limited Run physical release for PlayStation 4! This is our final stock of the Limited Run edition, ready to take a place of honor in your own home-- so grab one while you can!

It is the year 2088. Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma has been abandoned. It's up to you, as fixer-for-hire Amy Ferrier, to climb aboard, discover the fate of the station's crew, and recover the mysterious AI "ODIN"... at any cost.

The Limited Run PS4 edition also includes Developer Commentary Mode: over two hours of insight into how Fullbright's second game was made, discoverable as you play!

The Venturis Corporation wants their AI back. That's where you come in.

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